• Can I get to Fontaineblhostel without a car ?
    Yes !! Take the train to Fontainebleau/Avon (from Paris Gare de Lyon station). You'll find direct busses (number 184-014) to La Chapelle La Reine directly at train station; stay on same side, don't cross under the tracks ! See also "access" page. You can also ask me for a shuttle (on request only).

  • Is it possible to boulder without a car ?
    Oui, Yes !! Walking distance (35'/40') from Fontaineblhostel to bouldering areas: Elephant, Dame Jouanne, Maunoury, Simonet... Direct bus to Buthiers areas. Bike rental at hostel. Shuttle service on request. Plus local Renault garage rents cars 25€/day (100 km/60 miles included, 2020 price).

  • What are nearest bouldering areas ?
    Elephant, Dame Jouanne, Maunoury, Simonet (35' walk or 5' drive). Most areas parking's: 15' drive or less.

  • And for Orienteering in Fontainebleau ?
    Great place for Orienteering, can be very technical, a lot of orienteering maps available (see Fontainebleau Orienteering maps and links in gallery/photos tab). You can also contact local orienteering clubs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/127Q511hmUTJMiVs52te81KlYyJinUtr8yDRuXd6fqS4/edit#gid=1585057818
    See also some additional info on the Orienteering subpage of this FAQ section

  • Are amenities near Fontaineblhostel ?
    I believe you'll find all you need within walking distance, from supermarket to bakery, from banks/ATM's to pharmacy, from post office to restaurants. And Tuesdays, there's a small market just in front of Fontaineblhostel.

  • Do you rent tents ?
    No, I but lend small tents FREE OF CHARGE, but you'd better inform me in advance ! Take your sleeping bag....

  • Is it possible to camp in Winter ?
    Yes, camping is open all year long ! Full access to (heated) common room of hostel, equipped kitchen, showers.

  • Can I book online ?
    You may book through some websites, but I suggest to contact me per email: you'll get the best price, you won't have to pay deposit (except groups), you can get the kid's discount if applicable, you'll have flexible date change ! And I avoid paying a fee....

  • Is Fontaineblhostel in Fontainebleau town ?
    Well, no ! It's 12 km/7 miles from Fontainebleau, but near Fontainebleau forest (e.g. 35' walking to Elephant, Dame Jouanne, Maunoury, Simonet bouldering areas).

  • What's the check-in time ?
    Please confirm your arrival time. Standard check-in is 5:00PM - 8:00 PM, but early or very late arrivals are possible on request.

  • It's my very first time in Fontainebleau, what should I know ?
    Difficult question !! I suggest you send me an email, I'll try to help !

  • Are prices net ?
    Yes, prices are net: VAT, tourist tax and others included !

  • Do you accept camping cars ?
    Yes, but be careful, large camping cars can't access (max. wide: 2,50m; max.heigth: 2,60m)

  • Are bed linen included ?
    Yes, linen are included, no sleeping bag needed in hostel dorms

  • Links & friends
    Karma (climbing/bouldering gym): http://karma.ffme.fr/
    S'cape (shop): https://www.scape-shop.com/
    Prepare your bouldering sessions: https://bleau.info/